AI Job Demand Numbers Are Skyrocketing

New data shows generative AI skills in huge demand in late 2023.

Now’s the time to start training as an AI data scientist, machine learning engineer, or technology curriculum writer – that’s where the employment cash is landing these days.

“Job postings demanding skills in generative AI have soared 1,848% in 2023, as companies work to develop new artificial intelligence applications, according to Lightcast, a Boston, Mass.-based data analysis company.

The number of Gen AI-related new job postings has grown from 519 in 2022 to 10,113 in late 2023. All told, companies issued 285,000 new job calls for AI jobs so far this year, Lightcast reported. The most in-demand job titles include data scientist and software engineer, although curriculum writers are emerging as a hot employment post as education companies and organizations lean into AI.

Machine learning generated 163,559 postings so far in 2023, making it the hottest AI job post, but change is already afoot as the technology matures.

“This change for curriculum writers may be the first sign of the second wave of AI, where this technology starts to reshape jobs outside the tech industry. The future of work is going to be defined by how humans work alongside AI and this will be a key occupation to watch,” said Layla O’Kane, senior economist at Lightcast.

Dollar Signs

AI job salaries are creeping into six-figure territory, with machine-learning engineers earning an annual average salary of $109,000 while AI development engineers are earning $160,000 annually, on average, according to Nexford Insights. Business development managers in the AI space are at the top of the list, with an average annual salary of $196,000.

Companies leading the charge on AI job hiring are diverse, with Amazon, Capital One, Chegg, and Meta all looking to integrate AI into their product and service lines. Many more are on deck, Lightcast says.

“Adding a new skill to job descriptions is often a sign that a company has moved from experimenting with a new technology to making a real strategic commitment to it. Right now a lot of organizations are still in the experimental stage, but as they make key business decisions we may well see this list grow,” O’Kane notes.

For job seekers, landing a hot AI assignment takes a combination of new and old skills.

“AI is an addition to other human and specialized skills, not a substitution,” O’Kane adds. “If you’re looking for a career in artificial intelligence, clearly you need generative AI skills but you also need other AI skills such as machine learning and neural networks. And if you’re looking to get ahead in a field that may be reshaped by AI, you still need the more traditional skills there as well.

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