“All Things” Survey Tracks How AI Is Being Absorbed in the Workplace

Employee satisfaction is high unless artificial technology threatens your job.

Technology and business media platform Tech.co is out with a new study that tracks management and employee sentiment toward artificial intelligence. The survey covers a lot of ground, but here’s a look at the biggest takeaways.

Six out of 10 executives say AI has boosted their company’s job satisfaction outlook.

Management has settled on AI’s prowess as a productivity enhancer in the workplace, as 59% of execs surveyed by tech.com say the technology has improved productivity – and more.

“The use of AI in the workplace has a wide range of benefits beyond simply improving productivity,” the study noted. The research found AI “is having a notably positive impact on job satisfaction as well, making the tedious tasks associated with work a bit more manageable.”

Data analysis is the most widely used task AI covers in the workplace.

At 32%, data analysis is the “most popular” use of AI on the job, followed by writing (i.e., emails, presentations, and reports) (28%), and scheduling and calendar management(21%). Supply chain and legal research are the tasks least likely to be used at work.

It’s no surprise that AI is most used for data analysis, “which makes sense give its ability to examine and breakdown large sets on analytics,” the survey noted.

ChatGPT is the most popular AT tool in companies

It’s also long been a business tenet that being first is a great way to prosper in a new industry (the Apple iPhone is an excellent example of that.)

“The same appears to be the case with ChatGPT, as the generative AI platform that started it all remains the most popular tool for businesses worldwide by a fairly large margin,” the survey reports. “Of over 1000 US business leaders, 65% of respondents reported using it, compared to just 48% who said they used Google’s rival, Bard.”

ClaudeAI, Bing AI Chat, and Jasper Chat are also climbing the charts inside the workplace, Tech.co reports.

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