Banking Leader: All Employees Should Be Upskilled

Even non-technology workers need artificial intelligence training.

While approximately 75% of chief executive officers call generative AI “a top investment priority” according to a recent KPMG survey, just 38% of companies are training employees to use AI in a professional capacity, says LinkedIn’s most recent workplace learning report.

The latter number isn’t sustainable, says Lee Fulmer, the Bank of England’s Data Board Chairman (Fulmer reportedly leaves the post in a few months).

Speaking at the recent Tech Show London, Fulmer said companies need to balance AI investments with AI training. “There isn’t a company on the planet where at least one employee does not have a ChatGPT account, whether there is company policy on how to use it or not,” he said, as reported by AI Business. “If your people are already doing this themselves, they are curious and they want to learn.”

Companies planning digital technology investments on AI “need to invest some of that money back into the staff.”

Focus On the Unskilled

Fulmer said companies should especially focus on unskilled workers and employees 40-years-and-older, the vast majority of which have no technology background.

“We are competing for talent, which is something we have been doing for a decade, … why not put [the budget] into the 90% of the company’s population who do not have any skills in using these tools?,” he said. “People’s jobs will naturally change, and the faster that we can get on board with helping our staff adapt, those are the companies that are actually going to be more productive.”

Productive and well-rounded non-technology staffers can play a highly useful role in their company’s AI strategy, noting “literature majors and language specialists” could help with AI engineering prompting campaigns as much as data scientists.

“Most of the AI experts that I have come across have never written a line of code in their lives,” he said. “They are the people who have managed tech deployments or manage the business where they see a great impact.”

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