10 Best Free AI Courses

Almost every survey conducted about AI has one overwhelming result: The vast majority of employees want more AI courses and learning opportunities in order to advance their skills. 

LinkedIn recently released its 2024 Workplace Learning report, and the social media heavyweight notes that 80% of career professionals want to “learn how to use” AI on the job.

But there is one big problem. Companies are very slow at providing AI training for employees.

LinkedIn jumped on the opportunity and opened up 250 completely free AI courses that are available now through April 5th. 

The AI training courses are multi-lingual, with English, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Japanese, and French among the course options.

And of course anybody who completes a course will receive a LinkedIn certificate. 

Let’s go over the top 10 free AI courses that are now available.

1) Top Introductory AI Course – Building AI Literacy

Level: Beginner

This course is the ultimate introductory course for anyone interested in AI no matter what their job is. AI is changing the way the world works and everyone should be aware of the trends and repercussions in this new “industrial revolution”. 

Length: 6 online videos that total 6 hours altogether (videos range from 29 minutes to 1 hour and 34 minutes).

Teacher: Different teacher for each video

2) Top AI Course for Responsibility – Responsible AI Foundations

Level: Beginner

This is another introductory course, meaning that you might not learn too many hard skills from it. But it is one of the most important subjects that many people aren’t learning about. As powerful as AI is, it also has the potential to be harmful through the way the algorithms are trained, privacy concerns, and the legalities of copyrighting, just to name a few. “Responsible AI foundations” covers this and provides tools for building fairness into AI systems. It is a great introductory course for anyone beginning to use AI tools.

Length: 6 videos totaling 9 hours and 25 minutes.

Teacher: Different teacher for each video

3) Develop Your Prompt Engineering Skills

Level: Beginner 

This beginner’s course is one of the most practical for anyone using AI as we all interact with prompts. Whether it’s a simple question on ChatGPT or large, complicated language models, knowing how to use prompts is the key to getting the right answers and the most out of Generative AI. 

Length: 6 videos totalling 4 hours

Teacher: Different teacher for each video

4) Building Career Agility and Resilience in the Age of AI

Level: All levels

How AI will change the job market is understandably one of the first things that people think about when it comes to AI. While some jobs are more at risk than others, in the near future pretty much everything will be affected one way or another. The Building Career Agility course won’t just teach you about the effects of AI, it will also teach you how to thrive and advance in your career. 

“AI won’t replace your job, but someone with AI skills will.”

Length: 30 minutes

Teacher: Chris Shipley, Technology Journalist and Analyst

5) Building Generative AI Skills 

Level: Intermediate

There are 3 different courses under this topic so we will put them all together. 

Building generative AI skills for…

These three courses are much more practical and hands-on than the introductory ones. Each one covers useful AI tools in that category, industry expertise, and tips for taking your skills to the next level. 

Length: 6-11 hours, depending on the course.

Teacher: A variety of teachers depending on the course.

6) Leveraging Generative AI in Finance and Accounting

Level: Intermediate

This course specifically deals with the implications of AI in the fields of finance and accounting including fundamental concepts, models, ethical considerations, and practical applications of generative AI, with a focus on financial forecasting and analysis. Most importantly it provides real life examples and hands-on experience, perfect for finance professionals who understand the concepts and want to learn more. 

Length: 46 minutes

Teacher: Glenn Hopper, CFO, Author, Keynote Speaker, Consultant

7) ChatGPT for Web Developers

Level: Intermediate

Messing around with ChatGPT can be informative and time saving, but why not learn or improve your generative code skills? Whether you’re an experienced web developer or a tech savvy person looking to create a website on the side, “ChatGPT for web developers” will teach you how to converse with the ChatGPT UI with JavaScript and ReactJS. Being able to generate code with AI is definitely one of the coolest things that you can do with ChatGPT. 

Length: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Teacher: Sandy Ludosky, Web Developer and Trainer

8) Develop your Skills With OpenAI API 

Level: Advanced

OpenAI became extremely popular not only because of the way it changes the way we work but also because it’s open and available to anyone. Many people have built their own AI-powered applications and you can start as well after completing this course.

Length: 11 videos totalling 5 hours

Teacher: Different teachers for each video.

9) Generative AI Recruiting, Talent, and Acquisition

Level: Intermediate

AI will also affect the human resources side of companies, namely recruitment and retainment. This course teaches the future of the human resources department and explains how to already take advantage of AI capabilities to make your job easier and more efficient. 

Length: 30 minutes

Teacher: Glen Cathey, Senior Vice President of Talent and Digital Strategy at Randstad

10) Integrating Generative AI into Business Strategy

Level: Intermediate

In this course, AI adoption strategist Chris McKay presents the USAGE framework, a comprehensive guide for decision makers to understand, assess, and implement generative AI effectively in their organization. Learning this will help leverage AI in making better decisions as well as gaining an edge in the competition. 

Length: 36 minutes

Teacher: Chris McKay, AI Adoption Strategist and Founder of Maginative

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