Business Coaches Are Using AI Bots to Answer Difficult Management Questions

C-suite executives are all in on artificial intelligence and have good reasons for doing so.

Business leaders say they want more time for thinking strategizing and reflection and less time doing administrative tasks and holding meetings, according to a recent survey of 11,0000 management leaders by Morning Consult and Zoom.

One big traditional way to solve leadership problems is to discuss the challenges with executive coaches and management consultants, often at a high hourly fee rate.

Now, artificial intelligence is breaking through into the executive coaching and consulting realm, as some consultants have figured out ways to leverage AI to give executives effective leadership advice at prices significantly lower than the $350 per hour an in-demand consultant may charge for face-to-face or phone sessions.

Take executive coach John Baldoni, a “top 50” leadership consultant as ranked by Inc.

He has released the Baldoni Chatbot, which Baldoni calls a “fusion of AI technology with leadership knowledge and practice,” in a January 10 research note on SmartBrief.

“My chatbot brings together my body of work,” Baldoni notes. “More than a dozen books, hundreds of articles, and many interviews – in a way that makes them accessible and engaging.”

The AI bot is designed to expertly reply to management queries with targeted answers.
“I trained my chatbot to answer questions relevant to my coaching and leadership development insights,” Baldoni says. “Now, in its third generation, the chatbot can answer questions more readily and quickly than I could when chatting.”

While the chatbot can’t tell you what time it is, who the president is, or what color the sky is, it can answer the questions business executives ask most, like the following queries.

• What is the difference between leading and managing?
• How do I lead with purpose?
• How can I influence my peers?
• How do leaders show grace under stress?
• How do I balance compassion and accountability?
• How can I give difficult feedback to employees?
• How do I lead my boss?

Expert Business Advice – At a Discount

The Baldoni chatbot is free of charge and is available on Baldoni’s website.

For now, he’s packaging the chatbot into his traditional coaching sessions, “as a reference tool to help them coach and teach their own people”. Eventually, Baldoni expects companies to license chatbots from thought leaders and include them in their firm’s personal and professional development tools.

“Like any new tool, to get to truly understand it, play with it. Explore it. Test it,” says Martin Lindstrom, founder of Engineering Our Dream, a human engineering project that studies how new technologies like AI impact companies and business leaders. “Finally, begin developing theories and hypotheses helping the authors frame this new tool, ensuring that it is used to its full potential … in a safe and trustworthy way.”

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