Deloitte Leveraging AI to Ease Internal Audits

Throwing a “DART” at accounting tasks.

Earlier this week, we pointed to a fresh study from Avalara, a UK-based tax compliance automation software provider, that found 84% of CFOs surveyed in the United States (U.S.) and United Kingdom (U.K.) face a significant talent shortage within their accounting and finance teams.

A big part of the problem was employee burnout, as 47% of CFOs told Avalara that employees were souring on menial tasks, which “were notable factors for the diminishing talent pool.”

Above all, the report indicated AI can help CFOs fill those roles and keep employees engaged, productive, and – most of all – happy.

Now, the financial services giant is introducing its new ‘DARTbot’ Internal Chatbot that “empowers audit & assurance professionals to quickly research complex accounting questions, driving efficiency, and providing a differentiated audit experience to clients.”

As the Avalara study indicates, the goal of DARTbot is to make its accounting team’s workload easier, more efficient, and more productive with a healthy dose of burnout relief for team members.

The Gen-AI-driven internal chatbot (Deloitte isn’t selling or sharing the product, at least for now) will generate intelligent responses for 18,000 of Deloitte’s U.S. audit and assurance professionals to help them complete their daily tasks, quicker and more easily.

The Bot’s applications and productivity tools are designed to leverage “proprietary functional and industry content” applied with Deloitte’s Trustworthy AI framework. The company says the AI platform is specifically designed “to manage AI risks such as hallucinations, and improving user confidence and trust.”

Above all, the chatbot “empowers” audit and assurance staffers to quickly research complex accounting questions, driving efficiency, and providing a differentiated audit experience to clients.

“Integrating Generative AI into our technology solutions, combined with the experience, critical thinking, and professional judgment of our professionals, will allow us to deliver deeper insights and a differentiated client experience with distinction and trust,” says Dipti Gulati, U.S. CEO, audit & assurance at Deloitte & Touche LLP.

“Seamless” Interaction

DARTbot’s primary mission is to allow company accounting team members to seamlessly interact with the chatbot.

“The system is meticulously integrated with vast datasets of relevant industry knowledge and leading practices, exhibiting the accuracy and reliability of its responses, and facilitating further analysis by providing references to source materials,” Deloitte states.

That should help financial management staffers get better and smarter at their jobs, and like many AI workplace initiatives, enable finance team members to get their menial tasks out of the way so they can focus on other, more bottom-line-driven projects.

“(Our) aim is to transform the way its professionals work, enhancing their productivity and enabling them to focus more on applying professional objectivity, skepticism, and evaluating bias,” the company says. “The chatbot acts as a virtual assistant, providing real-time guidance, answering queries, and assisting professionals in navigating complex accounting questions.”

Deloitte says it’s also increasing “AI fluency”, as it’s training more than 120,000 employees via the AI Academy, a Deloitte Technology Academy program.

The company is also investing more than $2 billion in global technology learning and development initiatives “to boost skills in the application of key technology areas, including AI, to key industry and functional issues.”

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