LinkedIn’s New AI Tool Aims to Make Your Network Smarter, Not Harder

Expanding connectivity options is the key to LI’s new AI rollout.

Over five billion connections were made on LinkedIn in 2023, and that’s impressive.

The social media behemoth is worrying about the quality of those connections these days. To ignite those connections, it now has an AI-fueled program to improve LinkedIn connectivity engagements and boost the company’s digital experience.

The programs count on two new features to help LinkedIn users find the best connections for them.

The “Grow” tab. This feature streamlines and manages a user’s existing connections and locates the best people to add to a user’s LI network.

“We’ve been using the power of AI for more than a decade and a half to take billions of connections, interactions, and engagements across LinkedIn, and narrow that down to personalized recommendations in a snap with our People You May Know Feature,” says Naman Goel, LinkedIn’s senior director of product in a February 6 LinkedIn post.

The “Catch Up” Tab. The “Catch Up” tab prompts users to reconnect with their network based on updates like job changes, work anniversaries, new hires, or birthdays. This aims to encourage more meaningful interactions between users.

“We’ll let you know when your connections start a new gig, celebrate a work anniversary, announce that they are hiring, or even celebrate a birthday,” Goel notes. “That way, you can reach out to congratulate them and use that as a moment to either re-engage or keep the conversation going.”

A New “Hello” Message for Premium Subscribers

LinkedIn’s new AI tools also help users smooth out those awkward “first connection” messages that are often ignored or deleted by recipients.

“One of the biggest challenges people face with networking is kicking off that first conversation with someone,” Goel says. “The blank page problem can feel extra daunting. That’s why we’ve introduced a new Premium feature to help.”

LinkedIn Premium subscribers can now use an AI tool to craft a message that pulls in information from your profile and the person you want to chat with – whether in or outside your network. “Based on your relationship and goal of connecting, choose whether you want to introduce yourself or ask about their current or previous work experience,” Goel says. The new AI feature will prompt message writers as they click on the LinkedIn message tab.

LinkedIn’s new AI features are available now on the platform. If your LinkedIn messaging campaign has languished of late, now’s the time to hopefully breathe some new life into it.

LinkedIn certainly hopes so.

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