More Top AI Predictions for 2024

An artificial intelligence firm releases its own “hot takes” on AI for the rest of the year.

DataStax, the Santa Clara, Cal-based AI data analytics firm is out with a new outlook on AI business uses for 2024.

It starts with an obvious call.

“Many companies will cement their place in the market in 2024 as businesses navigate the regulatory minefield currently being laid, and work to build the game-changing AI applications that will fuel a completely new experience through which consumers interact with organizations and even each other,” the company notes.

As for specific predictions on all things AI, DataStax has some eye-openers, with these outlooks at the top of the list.

“Backlash”-generated regulations. DataStax says that due to a “massive backlash” from users and from government oversight bodies that believe “AI for commercial gain” is already taking hold, tough regulatory mandates are on the way this year.

AI’s rapid rise “has led to societal and legislative concern and backlash, with the existential argument of “AI for good” versus “AI for commercial gain,” the company notes. “This culminated with the OpenAI and Sam Altman fiasco, bringing the juxtaposition to the forefront.”

Now, DataStax says it’s “likely” the regulatory backlash is here.

“The European Union is placing increased regulatory scrutiny on AI and the companies developing the technology, further galvanized by the Executive Order on the Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence that came out of the White House in October,” the company stated.

Oversight pressures aren’t just coming from government and regulatory organizations. “If unemployment and stagnation rise in 2024, we will likely see a backlash from workers who worry about AI displacing their jobs,” DataStax predicted.

There’ll be an AI company “shake out”. DataStax also predicts that only AI companies capable of managing the governance, risk, and compliance requirements will remain viable as 2024 picks up speed.

“As companies invest in AI technology, they’ll be looking for partners who can support them through any new regulatory requirement processes,” the company says. “The AI companies that have the acumen and clout to build effectual government relationships will position themselves to come out on top in this area.”

According to DataStax, only “one to three new, big players show up and serve this need.”

Additionally, while OpenAI is expected to be the giant, “there’s room for other players to emerge who will create turnkey, compliant AI solutions,” the company states.

Get ready for the “Instagrams” of GenAI apps. The iPhone may have been the launching point for an army of mobile apps, although there were few victors (like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) and many failures.

In 2024, we’re likely to see the “Instagrams” of GenAI applications start to emerge, with the field “washing out quickly . . . . and with leaders come into view”, DataStax says.

“The leading-edge, agile companies that are building with AI will be pumping out new ways to engage with consumers and businesses alike,” the company noted.

“We’re seeing early signs of this with Alpha Ori disrupting and enabling the multi-billion dollar international shipping business, with PhysicsWallah using gen AI for EdTech for millions of students, and Skypoint automating healthcare, saving physicians and medical providers up to 10 hours each a week,” the company noted.

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