Tech Leaders Say Every Company Will Be Using AI in 10 Years

The decade of AI is here, and seats are filling up fast.

Plenty of news was made at this month’s AI Summit New York, organized and run by the parent company of AI Business. The conference, held at the Javits Center on December 11 and 12, hosted up-and-coming data scientists, executives at legacy financial institutions, and AI developers, among others.

With no shortage of eye-openers at the conference, one big headliner was the assertion among multiple speakers that all US companies (if not all global companies) will be “using AI within 10 years.”

The Upcoming Years “Will Be Wild”

Here’s a summary of that assertion from AI industry heavyweights, as reported by AI Business.

• “I think it will be 100%,” said Adam Goldberg, member of the GTM team, ChatGPT Enterprise, at OpenAI. “The next two to three years are going to be wild. You are going to have organizations that aggressively repave their business processes of all shapes and sizes, and whether they build something or they buy something … (there will be) material change for every organization that is using it in significant ways.”

• Most companies start by “experimenting with AI smaller models” that “tend to be less expensive,” said Sy Choudhury, director of business development, AI partnerships at Meta.

• In those 10 years, three big AI trends are imminent. Generative AI models “will become smaller, more efficient and offer better performance;” there will be a “lot more fine-tuned and customized models for industries”; and there’ll be an “increasing use of multiple large language models (LLMs) in combination,” says Salman Taherian, generative AI partner lead (EMEA) for AWS.

Betting against that prediction is likely a fool’s mission. The big question now is can generative AI hit the 100% usage level before the 10-year period predicted.

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