The Top Business School AI Classes For Executives

It’s back to school for artificial intelligence-minded senior execs.

Whether you’re an intern still in college or a Fortune 500 company chief financial officer, there’s value in upskilling in artificial intelligence.

In a 2923 study by GMAC Corporate Recruiters, 75% of companies stated AU training “is important” and that technology skills “are only going to grow in importance.” Other similar studies show that given a highly AI-trained job candidate and a candidate with little or no AI training, employers are more likely to choose the former over the latter most often.

A separate study from edX shows executives believe employees who “are skilled at AI” should be at the top of the list for raises and promotions.”

Back to School

What does this mean for senior executives who need to improve their AI upskilling game? It means starting your own career-advancing AI training campaign, and the sooner, the better.

Start with these “top of the line” business school online artificial intelligence training courses from some of the most elite universities in the world. These AK upskill courses target business executives looking for a technology edge to manage their staff more effectively and boost their own career prospects.

School. MIT Sloan School of Management.
Course title. Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy.
Cost: $3,500

Summary. This six-week training course – the oldest in the U.S. for AI business school training offers six to eight weeks of online course study. The classwork covers the business and future of AI, along with elements of machine learning and robotics.

School. MIT Sloan School of Management.
Course title. Generative AI Business Sprint.
Cost: $1,750.00

. MIT clocks in with another winner with a Gen AI-themes course. Classwork runs for four weeks and covers the management techniques needed to master Gen AI plan sprints in strategy, goal-setting execution, and review and retrospective.

“Inspired by Agile product development sprints, this self-directed course is an opportunity to explore and better understand the transformational power of generative AI,” MIT stated.

School. The London School of Business.
Course title. The Business of AI.
Cost: $2,400.00

The London Business School offers global executives this 10-week, three-to-five-hour-per-week course load that shows executives “how to create significant new value and solve your biggest business challenges by using AI technologies.”

The classwork covers the upsides and downsides of machine learning in real-world business settings, explains and demonstrates the value of AI on the job, and creates an AI deployment plan for the student’s specific business.

School. Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University
Course title. Generative AI: Executive Strategies to Unlock Enterprise Value
Cost: $2,800.00

This live but virtual four-day course workshop on Generative AI strategy teaches executives to learn and leverage proprietary AI frameworks in a course structure developed explicitly for business managers by Kellogg faculty.

“Through a powerful mix of lectures, original frameworks, case studies and hands-on learning, leaders in different roles, industries, and functions will gain a comprehensive understanding of generative AI and its practical applications — with a focus on use cases for generative AI across the enterprise value chain,” Kellogg stated. “You’ll develop the knowledge to implement an AI strategy for your organization, learn to infuse AI into core functions and business processes, explore issues of competition, governance, and ethics, and ultimately leave with the ability to create value for your organization while positioning yourself for career advancement.

School. University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business
Course title. Artificial Intelligence for Leaders
Cost: $2,950.00

This online class is longer than the courses listed above, with a four-month workload, but it offers a comprehensive program on understanding AI from the ground up, especially as it applies to business management.

The course emphasizes understanding AI through data, machine learning and neural networks, and shows executives how to use no-code tools to improve data prediction.

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