This AI Tool Can Boost and Burnish Any Executive Resume

The career advantages of an outstanding resume are abundant.

As usual, the truth is in the data.

With a great resume, job seekers are 32% more likely to land the post they want compared to those with “mediocre” resumes, according to a recent study from TopResume, a professional career credentials services company.

That’s not all. A crisp, clear, and compelling resume gives applicants an edge over competing candidates; tends to leave a lasting impression on hiring managers, and opens doors to more career opportunities.

Another study by MIT Sloan Ph.D. analyst Emma van Inwegen shows that new job applicants who were randomly assigned algorithmic assistance with their resumes (using AI-enhanced resumes) were 8% more likely to be hired.

“If you take two identical workers with the same skills and background, the one with the better-written resume is more likely to get hired,” van Inwegen said. “The takeaway is that employers actually care about the writing in the resume — it’s not just a correlation. That means that AI assistance can be a useful tool for those hoping to get hired.”

AI-generated resumes also can help executives avoid resume and cover letter mistakes that can kill their chances of getting hired.

According to van Inwegen, job seekers with more than 99% of the words in their resume spelled correctly “were hired nearly three times more in their first month on the platform than those with fewer than 90% spelled correctly.”

Correspondingly, job applicants with fewer than 90% of the words in their resume spelled correctly had only a 3% chance of getting hired in their first month.”

Should CFOs Turn To Chat GPT to Perfect Their Resumes?

Corporate headhunters and executive recruiters are talking up OpenAI’s ChatGPT tool and its advanced AI algorithms that can write up impressive-looking resumes free of charge.

The process is simple.

A user tasks the Generative AI chatbot to write up a resume simply by merging a current resume with the job description. In seconds, the Bot will generate a professional-looking resume that includes the applicant’s professional background, credentials, and contact information.

In many cases, senior executives turn to a professional resume service to handle the job and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, although a thorough resume may wind up costing several hundred dollars or even several thousand dollars for to-level service.

Given that human resources and executive recruiting professionals say ChatGPT is “essentially undetectable” (in the words of ZipRecruiter CEO Ian Segal), CFOs may at least give ChatGPT a test run to check out the technology’s validity and its ability to make a senior executive standout on a job search.

The key to using ChatGPT for resume production is to not count on the technology to handle 100% of the heavy lifting.

“Jobseekers have been using other assistive AI tools like Grammarly to correct the spelling, style, and punctuation on their resumes for years without issue,” Segal says. “ChatGPT is really no different.”

It’s highly useful for career professionals to rely on what ChatGPT does best, i.e. suggesting the best terminology in a sentence, highlighting the needed skills for a specific job, and generally building the applicant a customized template that he or she can turn to again and again, depending on the specific job description.

Make the job even easier by downloading your LinkedIn profile to give ChatGPT something useful to work with, at least when you’re just starting out using the technology for resume creation. That, says Korn Ferry senior client partner Juan Pablo Gonzalez should “give you a serviceable first draft.”

Find ChatGPT on or on the mobile app, and log in or sign up for free on the log-in page (under sign up). Then, go ahead and enter your prompt in the message box on the ChatGPT home page and get started using the technology and giving it a test drive.

Before too long you should get a grip on how to use ChatGPT to craft the perfect resume, time and time again – all for free and all in a matter of minutes.

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