This All-In-One AI App Could Be a Game Changer for Web Searches

The Browser Company’s new app bundles, search, AI, and browser capabilities, all at the tap of a button.

The Browser Company’s new Arc Search mobile app for iPhones is generating some buzz across social media and chat sites, and for good reason.

Until now, it’s been tough to access web searches, browser technologies, and artificial intelligence all in one place.

That’s what Arc Search brings to the table, calling itself the “Doorman of the Web”.

In a word, Arc Search offers a unique twist for app users.

When typing in a request like “What local restaurants are offering Valentine’s Day deals this year”, Arc Search will not only offer some specific recommendations, it will build a personal web page just for the specific request.

In the Valentine’s Day example, the user would receive a list of local eateries and their discounts, suggestions for flowers and gifts, with specific recommendations included, and a budget planner so you don’t overspend.

The artificial intelligence component organizes and presents the results in an easily digestible web page-like format.

Checking for Accuracy

If a user is wary about the accuracy of Arc Search’s information and the reliability of its sources, the platform offers a “Dive Deeper” feature that reviews the credibility of the sources cited.

The app also handles clean-up work for owners, organizing the requested data in easy-to-use capsule form while simultaneously blocking unwanted advertisements and banners.

For busy executives on the go, the Arc Search mobile app should come in handy when you need good, reliable information and need it fast.

If you’re already using ChatGPT for most of your web searching, put that process on blast with the new AI-powered Browser Company mobile search app.

The app, currently being tested on Windows, is free on the Apple App Store. A web version called Arc Browser for Mac can be found on the company’s website.

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