This Consultant Giant is Rolling Out Its Own AI Chat Tool

Another big brand goes its own way on internal AI platforms.

New York City-based Deloitte is jumping on the artificial intelligence bandwagon, but it’s building that wagon itself, and it’s planning on 75,000 company employees to use the technology.

Deloitte is reportedly amid a big AI chatbot rollout internally, according to the Financial Times. So far, it’s limiting its release to staff in Europe and the Middle East.

The company plans on having its team members use the new generative AI chatbot to write emails, create PowerPoint presentations, and create new software codes, the FT said. The AI bot can also act as a virtual assistant in responding to queries, helping employees with tough accounting and finance problems, and generally make staffers “more productive” the company said.

Last October, Deloitte released “DARTbot”, released last an internal chatbot that in general release, was able to support nearly 18,000 of Deloitte’s U.S. audit and assurance professionals “in their daily tasks and decision-making processes,” the company said.

That release, which was originally tested in Deloitte’s UK offices, will be expanding via the company’s “PairD”, a Gen AI-powered AI tool, the company reported on January 8. It’s also a continuing sign that big companies now have the resources to build their own generative AI tools and platforms and are eager to deploy them.

“The rollout highlights how the professional services industry is increasingly adopting generative AI to automate tasks,” the FT states. “Big Four rival PwC is using AI chatbots in its legal and tax divisions to speed up the work of its employees by summarizing large documents and identifying compliance issues. Law firm Allen & Overy has also created an AI contract negotiation tool that drafts new agreements that lawyers can then amend or accept.”

Looking For a Productivity Boost

Deloitte says its new AI platform “infuses Generative AI applications and capabilities across its organization to help its professionals become more efficient and productive.” The applications and productivity tools “are focused on proprietary functional and industry content that is applied with Deloitte’s Trustworthy AI™ framework, managing AI risks such as hallucinations, and improving user confidence and trust,” the company notes.

Company staffers will be trained on using the AI chatbot safely and efficiently.

“A key focus for employers should be on how to use these new tools safely, so that they can be applied correctly and create value,” says Costi Perricos, generative AI leader at Deloitte.

Deloitte is also offering its PairD tool to Scope, a UK-based disability equality charity, “in its continued commitment to close the digital divide,” the company stated.

“Generative AI should be available and accessible to everyone and businesses like ours must ensure that the adoption of AI promotes social equality rather than exacerbating existing disparities,” said Richard Houston, CEO of Deloitte UK and Deloitte NSE.

“But it’s not only about access to technology – it’s access to the skills to use it that will create opportunity to help close the digital divide.

“We want to increase the accessibility of our AI platform and help Scope make full use of PairD to benefit the charity and the people they support,” Houston added.

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