What This New AI CFO Has to Say About . . . AI

What’s it like leaning into artificial intelligence at an AI company?

Serviceaide, a San Jose, Cal.-based specializes in, as it says, a “modern” service management company, leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analysis, and knowledge capabilities.

The company recently brought aboard a new chief financial officer who has some distinct ideas about how to incorporate and expand AI into the workplace – especially a workplace that’s AI-dominant in the first place.

The CFO is Randall Tidwell, the former chief financial executive at a pair of SaaS outfits – Agile Frameworks and KeyedIn Solutions.

In its continuing “First 100 Days” series that tracks the careers and mindsets of new CFOs, media platform The CFO recently sat down with Tidwell to check in on his early progress and how he views his new post that’s set squarely on the front of the artificial intelligence frontier.

Here, he shares some thoughts with The CFO on how he’s adapting to his new company, and how his new company is adapting to him, especially on its AI implementations.

On his new CFO gig. Serviceaide develops service and support management software to help organizations achieve new levels of self-service, productivity gains, and cost reduction. They first started as an AI company with a vision of how technology could change how companies treat service and support. I saw an opportunity to join a company that was involved with rapid technological innovation and business growth. My experience also lined up nicely with their needs.

On how he plans to handle the financial end of Serviceaide’s own AI strategy. My experience in supporting high-growth businesses in the software/SaaS space gives me a foundation to drive impact quickly. The company is focused on continuing to develop new technologies across the product portfolio, including AI features. With that in mind, funding research and development is important to continue to innovate.

On what AI initiatives Tidwell want to target. From a financial perspective, my goal is to support the needs of the business. Creating a business platform that supports innovation and investment opportunities to continue to drive innovation is a priority. This year Serviceaide announced significant improvements in the use of generative AI in their virtual agent and across all of the products.

On how he’s prioritizing company decision-makers
as stakeholders. We conduct quarterly town hall meetings with employees to share our goals and top-level financial strategies. It is helpful for employees to understand how we are doing towards our goals. I also work closely with the leadership team to share and assess resource requirements. Communicating with our external stakeholders is also an important part of the job. I work closely with the board of directors and investment partners to share and align on how finance is supporting the business objectives identified by the CEO.

Serviceaid has high hopes for Tidwell and the technology and finance chops he brings to the table.

“Randall’s software industry know-how, financial acumen, and strategic growth experience further strengthen an already formidable management team that has deep technology, industry, and customer expertise,” said Wai Wong, Serviceaide founder, and CEO. “Serviceaide is expanding globally to meet the needs of customers for advanced solutions in AI-powered service management. Randall will play an integral role in our continued growth and expansion.”

As far as the first 100 days in his tenure, so far, so good.

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